Friday, 16 September 2011

St Margaret's Road Open Studios this weekend

There are two studios open on St. Margaret's Road.
Jane at number 45, is sharing her house with Tara renowned for her landscapes and chickens, and Lucy who has many talents.
This is a venue well worth visiting.
 Jane says:
'My utility room transformed into a gallery, and my studio transformed into a  . . . proper studio!'
 The utility room
 And the proper studio

At number 52, St Margaret's Road, Tim was busy applying glazes to pottery heads this evening. He will be ready to welcome visitors for part of tomorrow,  and all of Sunday. We have our grandson's naming ceremony between 1.35-4.30pm tomorrow, but will stay open for longer to accommodate anyone who wants to chat to Tim. The studio will be open from 11-6pm
To have a
 Tim in his studio this evening.
Brother Jem at the benefit gig in the Beehive last night wearing a monocle.

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