Thursday, 24 March 2011

Joint exhibition featuring Ken White and Tim Carroll at the post Modern Theatre Square

The exhibition runs from the 3rd of April until the 10th of April, and is open daily from
11:00 am until 4:30 pm

Tim Carroll has won the Oexmann Art Award 2011

This was advertised and Open to all readers of the Blog.
I'm pleased to announce Tim has won with his 'Bird's Nest' painting featured below.
The presentation will be at the Heritage Museum, 41, Long Street, Devizes SN10 1NS, tel: 01380727369 on Saturday 26th of March at 6pm.

Friday, 18 March 2011

Last 2 days of 'This is it' exhibition at Artsite

This member's exhibition at Artsite is well worth a visit.
It's open today and tomorrow from 11am-4pm
I photographed a couple of superb examples of work, firstly from Sally Taylor, a gorgeous portrayal of a family group:

 And a couple of Paula Sullivan's mosaics which capture the essence of the vibrancy of plants:

I have now bought the mosaic above which is called 'Enchanted Garden'.
It looks wonderful in my kitchen.

Aren't they gorgeous?
As ever to find out more about exhibitions, events and opening nights, please visit their website, although I do try and include images from exhibitions, and information about what's happening there.

Thursday, 17 March 2011

Swindon Open Studios advert in Lit Fest Brochure

Isn't this excellent news?
We're in the brochure on page 10.
Take a look.
And a big thank you to Matt Holland for including us.
And to Billy Beaumont for agreeing to let us use his image.

Thursday, 3 March 2011

Please send images

The Swindon Open Studios website is gradually taking shape, it's the images from the people taking part that give it some life.

We're having an evening to promote Open Studios on the 27th of May at Artsite. It was called a Promotional Event, some think it should be called an Open Evening.

Whatever it's called, we'd like 2 jpegs from people hoping to take part this year.
Please send them to as soon as possible and they will be uploaded to the website.
Have a look at
I received these images today:

The top one is Gordon Dickinson's 'Flight of birds', then Jane Milner-Barry's 'Wineglass' and thirdly Toni Dickinson's 'Suneya'.