Monday, 16 January 2012

What to do with this blog?

This blog is called Swindon Open Studios 2011; it seems outdated in 2012, so I have started another blog:
Ideally I would merge the two blogs under the new title, but will wait until someone can help me with that job.

To give you a taste of the first article, it's on the Edward Burra exhibition at the Pallant House Gallery,
'Snack Bar' detail 1930 oil on canvas
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Thursday, 12 January 2012

What a Rediscovery- the Barge Inn at Honey Street is magical

Parking at Overton Hill near Avebury, it's possible to walk over the tops before dropping down to Stanton St Bernard, and from there walk along the canal to the Barge Inn at Honey Street.
Like many others, I watched the programme about renovating the Barge Inn and reopening it as a community run pub and was keen to see what it was like.
Here is the outside of the pub

 The barges on the canal

 Two photos of Vince Palmer's ceiling paintings, they need to be viewed in person.

 The inside of the pub, it has been beautifully renovated. I sat in a table with the best view of the canal, only possible now the Ladies toilets have been relocated elsewhere.
 Bangers and mash with red cabbage and onion gravy- delicious.
And honeyfest is being held on the 14th of April:
The pub's website gives lots of information about the pub and includes a photo of Vince:

The walk back was almost due north passing by the Alton Barnes White Horse and onto the old Ridgeway. The sun came out for the first time that day just before it set highlighting the old hill forts and field systems.
The Alton Barnes white horse can almost be seen!
 This was the sunset at the end of the walk, the red colour was not picked up by the camera.

What a wonderful day out, The Barge Inn is well worth a visit and best reached on foot or water, but if time is short, take the car.

Saturday, 7 January 2012

Filming on the Green in Highworth

Campaigner Kate as she calls herself has been to Highworth for the BBC's programme 'Inside Out' due to be broadcast on the 17th of January.

It will focus on the conflict between developers and local communities, particularly with regard to village greens.

To find out more about Kate's activities, visit her blog:

Kate Ashbrook certainly takes a great interest in our countryside and open spaces.

Friday, 6 January 2012

On the 12th day of Christmas, a chance to reflect on what items Tim sold as presents this year.

Happy New Year, it's 2012 and this is the last day we have trees, cards and tinsel around the place.
The blog does not advertise the fact we are looking forward and aware it is 2012, but hopefully will do soon.

It was good to see that a number of people thought Tim's paintings and ceramics would make excellent presents, so here's a selection of the sales:

A painting entitled 'The Traveller'- what a beauty

 And here is 'The Traveller', comfortably settled in it's new home:

 Glorious angels below: more examples are to be found in the Taste Cafe on Victoria Hill.
 And two examples of the birds in a tree wall plaques, these are still for sale, but several similar to these were sold.

 And last but not least, a ceramic working clock featuring Tim's trademark intertwining figures.
For more information on Tim's paintings, visit