Friday, 29 April 2011

Open Evening on the 27th of May at 7.30pm

We are hoping to get artists to come along to this social evening to encourage them to join this year's Open Studios.
It's a chance to get together and catch up with what's been happening since last year.
Here's a copy of the poster advertising the event.

Sunday, 24 April 2011

Sarah Checksfield's exhibition at The Post Modern, Artsite.

With almost a week of this exhibition still to run, it finishes on the 30th of April, there's still time to get down there between 11am-6pm.
There is plenty to look at, and examine in detail as you dicover some of the paintings change colour depending on the angle they are viewed from.
There's also the business of the betting slips, Sarah buys and illustrates two betting slips each week, the horses are chosen because of their ability to form an interesting illustration.
And there is Sarah with two visitors to the gallery, the painting behind the guy in the brown T shirt is the one that changes colour.
It's possible then to visit two exhibitions within a mile of each other. Great.

Builder's Choice Exhibition at Swindon's Museum and Art Gallery.

This wonderful exhibition at the Museum and Art Gallery is open from 10am-5pm on Wednesdays to Saturdays each week. Also available is a catalogue of virtually everything in the collection on sale for £6. There are postcards of some of the paintings and delightful notelets for 25p each.

Friday, 22 April 2011

Aspects of the Art of Sarah Checksfield

Sarah is holding her exhibition at the Post Modern, Theatre Square, SN1 1QN
It runs from the 18th - 30th April and is open daily 11-6pm
I haven't been down there yet, so have only the image on the postcard advertising the event. Photos to follow.

Monday, 18 April 2011

Fred Blunt and Emma Butt at the Arts Centre on the 10th of September

 On the 10th of September, Fred Blunt, a local illustrator will be at the Arts Centre with prints of his work.
Also at the Arts Centre will be Emma Butt from Usborne books with some of Fred's books. 
You will be able to buy signed copies of the books.

Studio:   01793 574497 / Mobile:  07929 382837

Emma Butt
Independent Usborne Organiser: Divisional Leader
Winner of the Stephen Cartwright Award for Excellence...
Join us, make money, make a difference & have fun!

Call me: 01844 214 739 / 07974 230 898
Or for more information online:

The Co-operative Community Fund has been generous again

Yes, once again we have funding for our 2 social events from the Co-op.
The first event is on the 27th of May at 7.30pm at Artsite.
We have called it an Open Evening, the idea of the evening is to inform artists about Open Studios, encourage networking and to enjoy ourselves.

The second evening on the 9th of September is to launch Open Studios 2011.

Monday, 11 April 2011

Paula's mosaic has become part of the fabric of a building in Tarifa.

Being a great fan of Paula's mosaics, I was gratified to see on a recent visit to Celia in Tarifa, Spain that she had put the mosaic I gave her several years ago to good use.
The wall has been chiselled out, and the mosaic inserted into the space made.
The surroundings haven't been made good yet, but what a fab idea.
Doesn't it look good?

The photo doesn't do it justice, Tarifa is part of the coast in southern Spain where the light is very bright, the mosaic reminded me of that.