Friday, 6 January 2012

On the 12th day of Christmas, a chance to reflect on what items Tim sold as presents this year.

Happy New Year, it's 2012 and this is the last day we have trees, cards and tinsel around the place.
The blog does not advertise the fact we are looking forward and aware it is 2012, but hopefully will do soon.

It was good to see that a number of people thought Tim's paintings and ceramics would make excellent presents, so here's a selection of the sales:

A painting entitled 'The Traveller'- what a beauty

 And here is 'The Traveller', comfortably settled in it's new home:

 Glorious angels below: more examples are to be found in the Taste Cafe on Victoria Hill.
 And two examples of the birds in a tree wall plaques, these are still for sale, but several similar to these were sold.

 And last but not least, a ceramic working clock featuring Tim's trademark intertwining figures.
For more information on Tim's paintings, visit

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