Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Art in Gardens and Art in Houses with wonderful Gardens

We have some inspirational artists making art for gardens, if you want wonderful garden sculptures, a visit to Pat Elmore and Sharon Rich, venues 1&2 will delight.
Also Gordon Dickinson, venue 27 in Purton will give you some great ideas for garden sculptures. Toby Robson has not been able to put any of his large pieces at the Beehive, venue 16, but it's well worth asking what he has available.
I recently visited Lady Farm for a Rare Plant Fair, they had the most wonderful garden with fabulous sculptures:
 There were more lovers around the garden.
 You might just be able to see large birds in the stream.
 A lovely waterfall.
The post code for Lady Farm is: BS39 4NN
The final rare plant fare of the year is on the 18th of September near Abergavenny, but to find out about plant fairs next year: www.rareplantfair.co.uk

Last Saturday, the Friends of Swindon Museum and Art Gallery went for a guided tour of Rodmarton Manor, led by Sarah, great great grand daughter of Claud Biddulph who commissioned Ernest Barnsley in 1909 to build the house. The brochure advertises 'The English Arts and Crafts movement at its best is here', which is true, it's splendid.
 The front of Rodmarton Manor
and part of the garden leading to the summerhouse.
To join the Friends, please print out the form below and send it to the museum.

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