Thursday, 8 September 2011

Fred Blunt's Evening Advertiser article is in today!!

What a brilliant article about Fred in the Evening Advertiser today by Flicky Harrison. I do hope lots of people will go along on Saturday the 10th of September between 11am- 5pm to see him.
Here's the article, although it's small, you can buy the Adver or go on line:

Fred's details are:
Studio:   01793 574497 / Mobile:  07929 382837
Fred has also now got a blog:

Emma Butt's contact details are:
Emma Butt
Independent Usborne Organiser: Divisional Leader
Winner of the Stephen Cartwright Award for Excellence...
Join us, make money, make a difference & have fun!

Call me: 01844 214 739 / 07974 230 898
Or for more information online:
And here's Fred's poster:

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