Thursday, 15 September 2011

Fred Blunt's exhibition at the Arts Centre

Fred will not be around this weekend, so is taking his exhibition down today, last chance to see the exhibits has now gone, please contact Fred if you would like to buy some of his work for your children, grandchildren, or yourself.
Fred has taken a set of photos of the exhibition as well, the link to his blog is:
 Framed originals and prints on foam board shown from an angle because the stairs are in the way, maybe that would have been a good vantage point...
 The man on the right is wearing a Tshirt which says 'More to love'
 I think this gives a good idea of the work on display although it's a bit hazy because I think it was such a sunny day when I took the photograph.
 This is the 'Tumbling Dog' which I bought for Alex's first birthday. Dog was his first word.
To buy any of these items, do email/ring Fred.
Studio:   01793 574497 / Mobile:  07929 382837

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