Thursday, 29 September 2011

Avebury Manor Walled Garden, grand opening on Sunday 2 October

The restoration of the Victorian walled garden at Avebury Manor has been taking place since March with National Trust volunteers; the transformation has been filmed by the BBC who will produce a series due to be shown on TV before Christmas.
Volunteers have worked hard to restore the garden to it's former glory, which will be open for all to see on Sunday 2 October at 12 noon when everyone is invited to a BBQ. Parts of the house have also been restored.
On the hottest recorded 29 September, here are some photos taken of the garden and some very hot volunteers.
 Marigolds in the foreground and the fabulous new greenhouse in the background.
 This is a partially dug and weeded bed which contained a surprising amount of weeds.
 The newly laid lawn had to be watered well today to help it establish.

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