Saturday, 5 November 2011

Why didn't I take notes? A Brilliant talk by Denys Hodson made us proud to live in Swindon

Denys Hodson talked last night to the Swindon Museum and Art Gallery Friends about the origins of the Swindon Collection of 20th Century art and his role in building it. There was no dozing or snoozing, what he had to say was fascinating, whether it was at which party Desmond Morris met his wife, or the fact a certain artist had to give her talk in a pub because she insisted on smoking throughout her talk.
He went on to discuss some of his particular favourite paintings, and here I will refer to the book on the Swindon Collection (ISBN 1 871853 02 8) available from the Museum shop:
On the front cover, Ivon Hitchens, 'Spring in Eden'
Gillian Ayres 'Florestan' Denys loves because of it's vibrant colours.Page 172
John Bellany's 'Self Portrait with Juliet' because of it's exquisite sadness and wonderful expressions on the faces.Page175
David Bomberg's 'The South East Corner, Jerusalem' because he was stationed there in the war, knows the view and thinks it's beautifully depicted. 'There's nothing wrong with a chocolate box done well' is I think what he said. Page 176
Henry Moore 'Three Woman and a child' Page 185
Tom Phillips 'Play: Here we Exemplify' Page 133 Denys said this was very cleverly done and could not face the accusation of being capable of being painted by a three year old.
Hopefully we will be able to hear  Denys again before long.
Click here to see the photographs taken last

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