Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Tribal an Exhibition of Tribal and Contemporary Art 11th - 19th November

This exhibition including work by Picasso, Joan Miro, Peter Howson, John Bellamy, Alan Davie, Max Ernst and unknown artists from Africa and the South Pacific is at the Post Modern, Theatre Square, Swindon, SN1 1QN
from the 11th -19th November 11am - 4pm.

There will be a talk about the collection on Wednesday 16th November, 6.30 for 7pm.

This is what Mike and Emma say about their exhibition:
 A work of art has value only in so far as it quivers with reflections of the future.
 André Breton
The works in this exhibition are part of a private collection that has been lovingly assembled
 over the past thirty years. To begin with our emphasis was on tribal art of Africa, but this soon
 spread out to include tribal works from all over the globe. Realising that many early 20th 
century painters and potters had been influenced by tribal art, we began to seek out works 
by more contemporary artists who had also been influenced by African andOceanic art-works.
 Interestingly, many of the artists whose work we collect have been influenced by Surrealism. 
This is perhaps not too surprising when we realize that many of the early Surrealists,
 including AndrĂ© Breton, Tristan Tzara, Max Ernst and Man Ray, also collected tribal art. 
Today we have no real idea as to how many art pieces we now have. We only know that we
 cannot display them all in our home and so we are pleased that others will be able to share
 some of them with us, if only for a short time. One of our favourite quotations comes from
 the late David Kidd, a man who amassed a truly great collection of oriental art. “Having a lot
 of money,” he said, “and using it to buy great pieces of art on the world market – anyone 
can do that. Not having money, but still being able to buy great pieces – that’s fun.” And so 
it is!

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