Monday, 7 November 2011

Chris Barham, an inspirational and exciting artist in residence in Theatre Square

If you haven't realised there's an artist in residence opposite the Post Modern, now is the time to go and investigate, he's in one of the ex shops, and ready to meet you.
Chris is open between 9am - 5pm for an interactive experience; although he's not going to tell you what to do, there are subtle clues as to how you might be able to interact with his creations.
I won't tell you what I got up to in there, but had great fun, laughed a lot and had quite a sense of achievement that I'd done something new and fun.
I didn't think there was anything to photograph in there yet, but I was wrong.
 Here's a photo of Chris so you know who he is in case there's a crowd in there.
 Here are some objects to be returned.
 Essentially a slide with other distractions.
Another view of the very well made slide.
Chris's details are as follows:
It's very busy down in Theatre Square at the moment, the extremely successful British Postal museum and Archive exhibition has now been taken down, and will be replaced with Mike Yates' Tribal exhibition which has it's opening night on Friday from 6.30pm. The exhibition runs for a week, so speed is of the essence.

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