Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Swindon Big Arts Day 9th July 12noon til 10.00pm

It's happened! The second Big Arts Day was a tremendous success, it didn't rain and hundreds of people took part and twenty thousand attended.
There were three stages and many tents with a wide variety of activities taking place.

 There really was something for everyone, and all ages were represented.

 These two were the Powdered Wigs, they were highly interactive ladies coming down frequently from their ivory towers to mix with the common folk.

 St Mary's Church is home to one of Swindon's most treasured pieces of art, the St. John Triptych, the 17th Century panels are normally kept behind screens to protect them from the light, and can only be viewed three times during the year. Last Saturday being one of them.

This painting from the 15th century is on display on one of the pillars in the church the whole time and quite remarkable when one considers it's age.

Last but not least, the walled garden at Lydiard Park is a joy.

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