Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Walking in the Black Mountains - Capel- y- ffin discovered

Walking from outside Talgarth, up into the Black Mountains and eating sandwiches by the reservoir up there, is fabulous. But how to walk back? Along the ridge or down into the valley? But wait a minute, the valley as well as looking enticing, houses Capel-y-ffin where Eric Gill lived between 1924 and 1948. No contest then, the valley walk became the route to be taken.
Here are some photos of the monastery where he lived and the plaque which is all that remains, all carvings are now elsewhere.

 There are 3 self catering flats to rent here. Capel-y-ffin is really remote, chosen by Eric Gill so he could get on with his work, perfect for a break.
 This plaque can be found inside the entrance to the flats.
This is a not quite straight scan from Fiona McCarthy's book entitled 'Eric Gill'  featuring his famous sculpture the 'Deposition', a major work of sculpture completed at Capel.

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