Saturday, 17 December 2011

Lucy's New Studio is now Officially Open

An invitation to the opening of a studio on almost the shortest Saturday of the winter was too good an opportunity to miss.
Lucy, a recent graduate in Ceramics, has moved back to Swindon and will soon be on the Open Studios circuit we hope.
Her magnificent studio is in the garden, and her impressive kiln is housed next to the tropical fish in the garage.
 Long shadows falling outside the studio, and warmth and sunshine inside thanks to the insulation and 500 Watt heater.

 Here's Lucy with the kiln, and below the inside of the kiln.
 There are always unexpected delights, just look at the cake and mince pie stand beside one of Nicky's mosaics and below two more of Nicky's mosaics. Maybe mother and daughter could have a joint open studio?

And Lucy was wearing one of Tim's art box ceramics as a necklace.
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