Friday, 14 October 2011

Leland Bardwell's Sell out Success at the Blue Gate's Poetry Evening

What a brilliant time was had by all who attended the Blue Gate Poets special evening with guest playwright, poet and writer Leland Bardwell.
As we rounded the corner into Bath Road, the sound of bagpipes could be heard from outside the Museum,heralding the evening.
 It was a real Bardwell event with Jackie, Leland's daughter reading one of her poems, and Erin Bardwell, Leland's grandson playing 'Groundwell Farm' composed by Erin, it was a reminder of the days when he grew up at Groundwell Farm and like their parties, didn't seem to have an ending. His second composition, 'Fry Up' was inspired by his other Grandmother's talk of fry ups which he doesn't remember her ever cooking.
I bought a copy of Leland's book of poetry:

As it says on the back cover 'Her work has humour and wit..It has the immediacy of conversation, yet is crafted with care and form.

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