Sunday, 29 May 2011

Open Evening on Friday 27th of May at the Post Modern

People came, ate the food, drank the drinks, and chatted. Great. Thank you for coming.
It was billed as an information evening, so it should not have come as a surprise that at least one person was expecting a talk. I hope they were not too disappointed that this did not happen, and feel ready to email if queries do arise.
There were 3 raffle prizes not collected: 36 a red box of something, 32 - a bottle of wine, and 24 a bag. The easel will be put into the Launch Evening's raffle on the 9th of September
And here are the photos:
 The food with the raffle prizes in the background
 People at the evening, it's a bit out of focus but gives an idea of how many people attended.
This is a nice one of Debs Battaglia who is I hope taking part this year with her son George.

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