Sunday, 12 December 2010

Artsite Christmas Party and Auction 17th December

 Come along to Artsite on Friday evening to see their 1950s Christmas sitting room, and have a chance to buy one of twenty five pictures  submitted to make an Advent Calendar.
Twenty five local artists, were given a canvas each, and asked by Artsite to produce a picture which could be used to replicate an advent calendar. 
These artworks are all up for auction. 
The final day for the auction is at the Artsite Party on the 17th December. 
People have already started placing bids so if you particularly want an image, you need to be at Artsite's Christmas party. 

 The first picture shows an example of one of the pictures for sale, the next two feature the 1950s sitting room wiht Tony Hillier taking advantage of the comforts on offer. The laptop is a bit incongruous.

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